Welcome to Christ Union Chapel

Thank you for visiting Christ Union Chapel’s website. Please take time to get more information about our worship schedule and events.  Christ Union Chapel is a non-sectarian church at Culver Lake, New Jersey, that is open only during the summer.  It celebrated its 100th anniversary of service to the Culver Lake community in 2010.

As stated in its constitution, the Chapel’s purpose is “to promote Christianity by all proper and recognized means of a non-sectarian character and provide a place of meeting and spiritual contact, uplift and meditation for summer sojourners and also residents of the community”.

As such, the Chapel provides Sunday services, Sunday school, Bible study, youth programs, special events, and other activities during the summer months, usually from late June until Labor Day weekend.  All are welcome at the Chapel, which has no formal membership.  Many pastors and guest pastors from several denominations have served Christ Union Chapel over the years.  The business of the Chapel is conducted by a Board of Trustees.